The Run With Dad event could not happen without help from our volunteers, your support is very much welcomed and appreciated.

Volunteers are needed for both Darwin and Toowoomba events, and we would welcome volunteers for the following tasks:

Set-up and Pack-up
We would be grateful for any help with setting up shade structures, parking areas, putting up signs, etc. Set-up tasks are usually done the day before the event, and pack-up tasks would start after the end of the race, speeches, etc. Pack-up is usually finished before 11am.

Registration Officials
Registration tables allow people who have pre-registered online to collect their bibs, or people can register on the spot. Registration tables will be set up at the locations the day before the event, and also the morning of the event – we have a small breakfast snack for you on the Sunday, but please bring plenty of water and whatever else you may need as it gets pretty frantic on Sunday!

We greatly appreciate any offers, so if you think you can be of help in Darwin, please fill out the form and let us know.

If you would like to volunteer for our Toowoomba event, please contact us via email.

Join our Darwin volunteer crew!